Sandhi Sudha - Ayurvedic Massage Oil To Treat Joint Pains

schedule 23/08/2021

Joint pain is not an easy thing to deal with. In fact, for many who suffer from joint pain it ends up taking over their whole lives. Many joint pain sufferers tend to have chronic pain. People over the age of 60 often develop arthritis which leads to chronic joint pain as well as discomfort in the joints.

The worst experience in the world is having to watch a loved one going through pain. Have you ever watched your grandfather struggling to climb up the stairs? Or have you ever cried watching your mother suffering from indescribable pain in her joints? Doesn’t it break your heart?

It breaks our hearts too. Watching our loved ones going through pain makes us feel like we’re the ones suffering as well. Arthritis is a debilitating condition that makes its sufferers weak and dependent on other people. And it’s not just Arthritis that can cause joint pain. There can be many causes behind joint pain, especially in an old age.

Sports related injuries or posture related joint pain are not so different in terms of the symptoms they exhibit. In these two cases, the age doesn’t matter. Anyone at any age can get injured or suffer from joint pain as a result of bad posture or sedentary lifestyle. This joint pain isn’t any better than arthritis.

Side Effects of Painkillers

Most of the time, doctors often prescribe pain killers but are they any good? It is well known that pain killers have many side effects that can be dangerous for your body. It is both harmful and addictive. They work well in the short term but they’re not reliable in the long term. The following are some common side effects of painkillers:

  • ● Nausea
  • ● Drowsiness
  • ● Dizziness
  • ● Itching or sweating
  • ● Depression
  • ● A weakened immune system
  • ● Addiction

So what should be done? Aren’t you looking for a solution for this? Don’t you wish that you could treat your joint pain without having to rely on chemical filled painkillers that cause more harm to your body than good? Yes, of course you do. This is why you need a natural treatment that treats your joint pain without any side effects. The best way to achieve that is through an ayurvedic treatment.

Sandhi Sudha Ayurvedic Treatment for Joint Pain

Sandhi Sudha Oil is the solution for all your joint problems. This massage oil penetrates deep into the muscles and joints and boosts up the blood circulation in the area. In the long term, it also increases the synovial fluid and thus promotes lubrication and enhances joint flexibility. It is best to massage using Sandhi Sudha for long term for permanent joint pain relief. Continuing the treatment will prevent further issues in the joints.

Sandhi Sudha Joint Pain Relief Oil contains 12 effective natural extracts that work as follows:

S. No. Ingredient How it works
1 Ajwain Flower Contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties
2 Giloy Giloy has anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties that can help treat symptoms of arthritis
3 Camphor Camphor oil is commonly used in pain relief medications to treat muscle aches and pains, while stimulating circulation. It reduces pain by interacting with receptors on the sensory nerves.
4 Ajmoda Ajmoda heals the joint by reducing swelling and strengthening the bone and surrounding muscle tissues.
5 Til Oil Contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Used for treating joint inflammation, aches, and scrapes
6 Akarkara Akarkara has Vata balancing properties that treats arthritis-like pain and swelling in the joints.
7 Nirgundi Nirgundi reduces swelling as well as excessive pain. Also help the joints recover their healthy state
8 Flaxseed Oil Contains alpha-linolenic acid and related
9 Gwarpatha Vitamins present in Gwarpatha reduce stiffness and soreness around the joints, thus improving mobility
10 Shallaki Soothes the nerves and eases the pain
11 Haldi Contains curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory properties
12 Rasna Massaging joints with Rasna oil gives relief in pain and inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties

These ingredients combine together to create a powerful remedy that boosts up the blood circulation, reduce the inflammation and get rid of the pain around the joints. It can be used for any kind of joint pain such as hand pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain or hip pain. Just a 10 minute massage will give you relief for hours. This is a holistic and potent ayurvedic treatment that works best when used twice a day.

So say goodbye to all your joint pain woes and bring Sandhi Sudha into your homes!