Why Does Joint Pain Increase During Monsoons?

schedule 26/07/2021

Joint pain is a very common problem, which can happen to anyone in any season. But some people start having pain in the joints every time it rains or when the cold increases. Many studies have been done about whether change of weather makes any difference in joint pain, but most of them have no conclusive results. Some studies reported that joint pain increases when the weather is cold, but other studies have shown that joint pain is not related to the weather. However, when the research has been done on a large population, it shows that joint pain does decrease or increase with the change of season. Let us tell you about this in more detail.

Why does joint pain happen?

Usually joint pain occurs due to arthritis and the pain increases when the rain or cold increases. According to scientists, the reason for this is a change in barometric pressure, due to which the muscles, tendons and tissues around the joints contract and stretch. So when the weather is cold, they contract and the pain increases, whereas when the weather is hot, they expand, so there is relatively less pain.

With age, calcium and other minerals begin to degrade from the bones. In any joint the bones do not come into contact with each other. In between the joints there is a cushion of cartilage. As we get older, the lubricant that keeps the cushions flexible and smooth starts to wear off. The length and flexibility of the ligaments also get reduced, due to which the joints become stiff. By exercising regularly and eating a nutritious diet, you can maintain the agility of your joints.

Warm morning sunlight is considered a good source of vitamin D. This has been proven in many studies. If a sufficient dose of vitamin D is taken during the cold days, then there is a lot of relief in back pain and joint pain. Sunlight also increases the immunity of our body. Sitting in the sun increases blood flow and relieves joint pain and swelling.

Fluid found in the joints can also be the reason

We all have a special fluid in our joints, which is called synovial fluid. With the help of this fluid, it is easy for you to bend or rotate the bones attached to our joints. They act as lubricants in a way. The way other fluids contract when the weather cools, it also shrinks slightly and becomes thicker. Due to this, you may also feel pain or stiffness in the joints when the cold increases.

Be careful if you have joint pain

Overall, if you have joint pain that affects your everyday activities, then you should consult a doctor and get it checked. Joint pain often occurs in old people and may be due to arthritis.

How to keep your joints healthy?

The best way to treat joint pain is by keeping your joints in motion. Start walking and working hard because this is the easiest and most correct way to keep your joints healthy. If you lead a physically active life then you don't need to do any more extra exercise but if you work while sitting in one place, this can be quite bad for your joints. Therefore, people with sedentary lifestyles should exercise daily or adopt some physical sports activities, such as swimming, cycling, running, walking, jogging on the treadmill, climbing stairs, etc.